How To Choose The Best Electric Fillet Knife?


Sometimes, you love to challenge yourself by filleting fish at home instead of buying the read-to-cook one in the food shop. Or it would help if you cut the fresh catch for the icebox storage right after fishing.

Whatever your purpose is, using the best electric fillet knife always helps you complete the process quickly and cleanly. And here is a list of essential things to consider before searching for the great ones.

How To Choose The Best Electric Fillet Knife? 

We divide the consideration into two categories, including performance and safety. Now, let a deep look insight them so that you can make the right shopping decision.


You had better consider the power supply, blade quality, usability, and durability when it comes to performance. By this consideration, you can see whether the cutter is helpful to cut the types of fish that you prepare.

#1. Power Supply

There are two main types of power supply to fillet fishes. One features a cordless structure, while the other needs a cord.

In comparison, the cordless model is more convenient for storage in your tool kit for fishing. However, this type cannot work at the highest level since it will gradually run out of battery. Thus, you have to take its battery along.

By contrast, the product with a cord will not drive you insane due to its interrupted performance. But its drawback is the requirement for a wall socket. Moreover, the messy cable tends not to stay neatly inside your bag.

#2. Blade Quality

Stainless steel with corrosion resistance is the most common material used for the blades often lasts within months. Plus, with this material, users can sharpen the edge quickly.

Another choice is the high-carbon-steel blade. Generally, it can bring nearly similar benefits in comparison with the stainless-steel one. In other words, this material provides the cutter with great flexibility without hurting its performance.

There is an additional note to bear in mind. With small fish, we suggest choosing the cutter with a less-hard edge. This preparation helps to fillet as much flesh as possible when you are cutting.

#3. Usability

A knife with high usability supports you in cutting the flesh away from the fish bones. It also enables you to cut the hard bones effortlessly. Hence, choosing the cutter with a modern button with the speed setting is worth your money.

In other words, by pressing that point, you can cut the fishbone easily with no need to add too much pressure on your wrist. Consequently, you will not have to replace a bigger model to cut the bones.

#4. Durability

The durability is the result of a combination between flexibility and the material. In terms of materials, steel should be the best choice since it will not rust over time (especially in salt water).

As for flexibility, the more flexible the knife is, the more conveniently you can cut both flesh and bones of the fish. Without flexibility, the cutter may overheat when it performs the hard cut. 


Besides performance, one mechanical knife will become less ideal if it can ensure safety for users. A safe product often comes with a safety lock. This part holds the key to keeping the knife off (when not in use). An ergonomic handle is essential to prevent your hand from slipping.

Benefits Of Choosing High-quality Electric Fillet Knives 

The following are some typical benefits of having an electric fillet knife.

  • There is no need for extra pressure: The electric fillet knife enables you to move the blade at high speed due to its great sharpness and powerful motor. Hence, you do not have to move it too much for slices. 
  • Strain reduction on wrists: The motor does its function in keeping the cutter’s movement. Hence, it helps to protect your wrist from injuries. 
  • Time-saving support: Thanks to motorized movements, the electric knife will not take too much of your time to complete the filleting process. 

Recommendations For The Best Electric Fillet Knife 

Among the mass of electric knives in the market, have you picked the best one that can help your fish-filleting process yet? If NOT, we bring here some recommendations for you to choose the most suitable product based on your demand and preference.

Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews Of 2022

Now we intend to have a look at a few of the best choices around. We’ll give you our faves for various budgets and corded ones as well as cordless electric blades.

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Up until now, we’ve been taking a gander at corded electric filet blades. One advantage of being connected to the divider is that you get more power, implying that you can cut and cut simpler generally.

Nonetheless, the essential burden is the way that you are attached to an outlet, which can restrain your capacity to get the cuts you need, especially in case you’re attempting to abstain from cutting the string all the while.

In this way, having a cordless model is a smart thought in the event that you need adaptability and flexibility across the board.

While a battery-worked unit won’t be as ground-breaking as a corded variant, it will in any case offer enough squeeze to take care of business.

Except if you’re slicing through some additional extreme skin or scales, you shouldn’t have any issue with this model.

When discussing the battery intensity of this blade, there are two things to recollect. To begin with, it can last up to 80 minutes on a solitary charge.

Regardless of how much cutting you plan on doing, that ought to be all that could possibly be needed time to complete it. The best part is that it can revive completely in under two hours, so you’ll be prepared to go again rapidly.

Second, in light of the fact that the battery is lithium-particle, you don’t get any loss of intensity as it channels. With other battery materials, you will see when it’s getting low as it won’t work as successfully. For this situation, while it won’t be the very same completely through, despite everything you’ll get a lot of unwavering quality up to the moment that the battery kicks the bucket.

Similarly as with other Rapala electric blades, this one has an outside plan to help keep the engine cool. Along these lines, you could hypothetically cut for every one of the 80 minutes without stressing over consuming your hand or harming the inner segments.

Likewise, the battery is composed so that it won’t wear out excessively with each revive, implying that it will last longer than some corded units.


  • High-powered battery model
  • Lasts up to 80 minutes
  • No loss of cutting power
  • Recharges in less than two hours
  • Can be reused without wearing down the battery
  • Airflow design keeps the motor cool
  • Seven-inch stainless steel blade
  • High-torque model cuts with ease


  • In rare cases, the battery may not hold a charge
  • Not as powerful as some corded models

American Angler Classic Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

We’ve just observed the power and execution that you can anticipate from American Angler, however in the event that you don’t really require as much as is offered by the PRO model, at that point you may incline toward something less difficult like the Classic.

Similarly as with other American Angler Electric Filet Knives, this unit is intended to have more torque and a more drawn out enduring engine.

Generally speaking, these items are worked to work with proficient fishermen, implying that they need to slice through handfuls, possibly several fish in a solitary day. Therefore, you can make sure that you’re getting the most ideal execution.

One thing that we like about American Angler Knives is that they are tradable with different variants. In this way, in the event that you conclude that you require an alternate sharp edge, you don’t need to purchase another handle to run with it.

For this situation, the Classic form accompanies three cutting edges as of now, yet you can add more to your accumulation and utilize them all effortlessly.

To enable you to remain safe, this blade accompanies a cut safe conveying case. Along these lines you can keep your sharp edges convenient without the danger of cutting yourself or harming any of your apparatus all the while.

The best part is that the case has a drawstring conclusion so it’s anything but difficult to carry with you on your next angling undertaking.

Some portion of the motivation behind why these blades are so solid is the outline of the handle. The trigger is weight enacted for wellbeing, implying that in the event that you let go, it will quit working.

This element is there to keep you from cutting yourself too profoundly. In the event that you do have a mischance, you don’t need to stress over cutting your skin too extremely in light of the fact that the blade didn’t quit moving.

Generally, while this model isn’t exactly at indistinguishable level from the PRO, it’s as yet a practical alternative for both angling lovers and experts alike.


  • High-torque model
  • Sleek, ergonomic handle
  • Airflow design cools the motor
  • Three fillet blades included
  • Soft carrying case for safety
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Compatible with any American
  • Angler blade
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Design prevents odor and overheating


  • In rare cases, the motor may cut out unexpectedly
  • Cord length may not be as long as advertised

Wrapping Up For Best Electric Fillet Knife

To sum up, there is no certain standard to evaluate which the best electric fillet knife is. It is, honestly, up to your requirements. In other words, one knife may be great for a fisherman, but it is less useful for other people. 

Despite that fact, we hope that the instruction above can work for your consideration. And for any further questions, feel free to ping us a message. 


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